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Why you need a .ca domain

Most Canadians think of .com websites as American, and the majority of Canadians prefer .ca for online shopping. There's no better way to build your Canadian brand online than with a .ca domain. Also, .ca is perfect for Canadian organizations who want to increase visibility; many a Canadian business has chosen to protect their brand and expand their reach by purchasing both a .com and a .ca domain. The Canadian government uses .ca, giving this domain undeniable credibility.

A .ca web address tells the world you're based in Canada. This helps you speak directly to your Canadian customers, earning you special consideration that a .com or .biz address can't provide.

Who can buy a .ca domain?

The .ca extension is the country code TLD (top-level domain) for Canada. It is open to individuals, organizations and companies. But .ca can be purchased only by Canadian citizens, businesses, organizations, non-profits and community groups. You must be located in Canada to qualify for the .ca domain.

This TLD is managed by CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. Simply search for your desired domain name. If it's available and you meet CIRA's requirements, you can then continue the order process and complete your Canadian domain name registration.

Secure your .ca domain name today!

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