.CA domain registration requirements

CIRA, the .CA Registry, requires everyone who registers a .CA domain name to meet the .CA Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR).

It is possible to register the .CA domains for the Canadian citizens living outside of Canada. The Registrant does not need to have a Canadian address for the Registrant information, they can provide whatever address they currently have.

However, if using a foreign address, the email address must be valid and up-to-date in case the Registry needs to get in touch with you.

When registering a .CA domain, please use Standard Checkout or have Checkout Settings set up for .CA domains in your account to be able to use Express Checkout.

Here are some more tips for .CA registration not to fail:

  • First and Last Names [of Individual types of Registrants] should be actual names, not generic ones;
  • The Administrative contact must be a natural person, so the First and Last Names cannot contain digits or generic words like "Domain Administrator";
  • Abbreviation should be used for the province name (e.g., ON, BC, etc.);
  • If the Registrant type is Corporation, the Organization and Job Title fields should be left empty at least for the Registrant contact section. The name of your Organization must have an explanatory denotation (including but not limited to Corp. or Corporation, Ltd., etc.). You may check the whole list of them in the document attached below the article.
    It should be divided into two parts and entered as First and Last Name of the Registrant contact (e.g., "Some Organization" as the First Name and "Inc." as the Last Name). Otherwise, the error will appear in the Shopping Cart:


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