Installing an SSL Certificate using DirectAdmin

Once you receive the validated certificate from the Certificate Authority, your next step should be installation on the server in which you have domain name hosted.
For this you need to go to SSL Certificates within the Advanced Features section.


After that, choose Paste a pre-generated certificate and key and paste your Private Key file along with the Validated Certificate file. We recommend you open this in advance using Notepad or any other Text Editor. When entering these details, begin with the Private Key followed by the SSL Certificate (see example below). Once both codes are entered, click on Save.


The CA Certificate (CA Bundle) should be installed afterwards. You will need to return to SSL Certificates panel and click on Click here link to paste a Root CA Certificate.


Copy the chain of intermediate certificates and paste it to the box, tick Use a CA Cert checkbox and click on the Save button.


Check that the SSL is enabled for the website at the top of the SSL Certificates menu.


If SSL support is disabled, click on the link You can enable it here, check Secure SSL option and press on Save.


That’s all, your certificate is installed and you can access your web site via https:// protocol.
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