SSL installation service

SSL installation is now even easier with our SSL installation service. We'll do it for you for only $28.88/yr*

This service is for customers with third-party hosting providers. We provide free SSL installation assistance to those with Namecheap hosting (Shared, Reseller, WordPress, or VPS/Dedicated hosting with cPanel).

To have us install your SSL, please submit a ticket or start a new chat with the SSL support team and provide the following information:

  1. First and Last Name;
  2. Namecheap username;
  3. Support PIN (you can find it here);
  4. Domain name(s) to install SSL on;
  5. SSL ID to install (ID: in the SSL Certificates section);
  6. How you’d like us to install the SSL (leave 1 preferred option from below):
    • Temporary server access: Create a temporary password for your server. Share the server URL, hosting panel username, and temporary password using, entering the information in the "Message you want to send securely" section. Select "Get one-time link" and share it with us.
    • Screen sharing call: We'll call you with for installation. Tell us your preferred date and time (including the time zone).

Submit a request

What's included

  1. SSL activation
  2. CSR and Private key creation
  3. Passing domain control validation
  4. Getting your SSL issued
  5. Installing your SSL
  6. HTTPS redirect setup
Supported servers
(default server
Apache HTTPD server
IIS 7.x - 10.x

Note: If your server or control panel isn’t included above, you can still contact us to check if we can provide assistance.

We don’t:

  1. Make changes to hosting beyond SSL installation (such as fixing insecure content, adding the Trust Logo, enabling OCSP stapling, etc.)
  2. For business validation SSLs like OV or EV, we will not perform company verification on your behalf, such as submitting company details to the Certificate Authority or passing a callback.
  3. Store the temporary hosting credentials you share with us.
  4. Store your SSL’s Private Key if it is generated during installation.
  5. Install SSL certificates on firewalls.


3 instances* $28.88/yr
Additional instance $18.88/yr

*Instances are different web servers/devices (e.g, Apache, IIS, Apache Tomcat, Node JS, IBM HTTP, Firewall, etc). So it counts as two instances if you want to install one SSL on Apache and IIS, for example.

Top up your Namecheap account balance with the necessary amount. We will only process the charge after successfully installing your SSL certificate.

The installation fee applies for new SSLs, renewal SSLs, and reissue SSLs.

Install your SSL with the most affordable service online.

Site SSL.Support TheSSLStore
Price $28.88/yr $33.00/yr $59.99/ssl
Instances 3 3 1
Additional instance $18.88 - $30
Activation and issuance Yes Yes Yes
Installation Yes Yes Yes
HTTPS Redirect Yes No No
Remote installation Yes Yes Yes
Screen-sharing Yes No Yes

SSL installation hours

Sunday, 17:30 EST/EDT to Friday, 17:00 EST/EDT.

SSL installation may take up to 2 hours.

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