How to connect to database using NaviCat MySQL client

Remote MySQL connection is disabled on our shared servers due to security reasons, but you can easily setup SSH tunnel between your PC and our server using SSH-tunneling with the MySQL port (3306) forwarding. To connect to your MySQL database with Navicat software you should do the following:

1. Contact our hosting support via live chat or via the ticket system in order to enable SSH access for your account.

2. Open your Navicat application > Connection > MariaDB:

3.In General tab, fill out the fields as follows:

Host Name/IP Address
Port: 3306
User Name: your database created user
Password: your database user password

3. Then, navigate to the SSH tab, check the box Use SSH tunnel and fill out the fields as shown below:

Host Name/IP address
: your server hostname
Port: 21098
User Name: your cPanel username
Authentication Method: Password
Password: your cPanel password

4. Once done, press Ok to save the connection settings. You will see your new connection on the left. Double-click it to connect to your database:

That's it!

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