What Dedicated Server management options do you provide?

We have 4 types of Dedicated server management: Self-Managed, Managed, Fully Managed and Emergency Assistance.

Self Managed - Free

This type of management is provided with any server package by default. We recommend this management option to those who have technical background and can manage/configure the server on their own. It includes:

  • Server setup with the default operating system
  • Hardware issues detection and resolution
  • 100% Network uptime guarantee for dedicated servers guarantee
  • Initial server setup and configuration
  • Server reboot per customer’s request
  • Operating system re-setup
  • cPanel control panel installation/re-installation
  • Full root access

Managed - $30/month(only with cPanel)

This type of management is provided ONLY with dedicated servers that have Cent OS or CloudLinux and cPanel/WHM installed. Having a Managed server you receive everything included into Self Managed plus:

  • Core server services monitored with a pro-active response when issues are detected
  • Support for core server services (Apache, Exim, MySQL, FTP, cPanel, DNS)

Fully Managed - $75/month (only with cPanel, at least 2 HDDS and software Raid)

This service plan is provided for dedicated servers that are set up with CentOS or CloudLinux and cPanel/WHM installed. It includes all features of Managed plus:

  • Fully managed service where Namecheap Engineering runs and manages A-Z of server services, software and components
  • Weekly backups to an offsite backup server (50GB for dedicated servers)
  • Includes WebHostManager & cPanel Super User (Reseller access)
  • Support for tuning core issues in popular applications including WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, Zen Cart and Open Cart Priority support

NOTE: With Full Management, you receive reseller level access only, without root privileges. Our technical team will have root access as they will fully manage your server.

You can order a Full Management option for your dedicated server by submitting a ticket to our Billing Department.

Once we receive a request to add the Full Management option from you, our technicians will check the compatibility of your dedicated server with the option. If the setup is possible, we will issue a prorated invoice. When the invoice is paid, you will be provided with the brand-new dedicated server, and your content will be transferred to it. Afterwards, your server will be added to 24/7 monitoring, and our technicians will start managing it.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance is provided to any dedicated server customer at an additional rate of $30 per 15 minutes, in 15-minute increments. It includes additional software installation, customized solutions, assistance with basic services, etc. We recommend this type of management to those who can manage the server on their own but may require occasional assistance.

In order for our technicians to assist with custom software installation, they must be provided with the step-by-step installation instructions, otherwise, they might not be able to assist with the request. The technical team can also refuse to assist due to technical or security reason, e.g., we can not guarantee stable or correct work of the solution you want to install on our servers.

All the management features are described here. You can check it at the bottom of the page in the Server Management tab.


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