How can I reactivate my canceled hosting package?

Please contact our Billing/Sales department via Live Chat support or submit a ticket — if you have a backup of your account, we will recover it for you. In most cases where you do not have a backup, we can still restore your hosting package.

Here’s how it works:

Shared/Reseller Restoration
  1. Once we receive your request, we will check your account backup availability.
  2. If your hosting plan is no longer listed on our site, we will restore it by suggesting a suitable plan.
  3. Once you agree to it, please ensure your Namecheap account balance is topped up to cover the full renewal fee.
  4. We will process the payment manually and restore your hosting plan. The access details (username and password) will remain the same as your old package, but the link to your cPanel account may be different.

VPS Package Restoration

Server backups are generated once a week, during the weekend, for all VPS Packages, regardless of the management type. Please note that backups are over-written by newly created ones.

For VPS Complete Management packages, we provide 100GB of backup storage by default, and generate backups 3 times a week. Additional backup storage costs $10 per 10 GB of additional backup disk space.

Your VPS will be restored with the same configuration as before. For example, if you had VPS Pulsar with cPanel before the cancellation, it cannot be restored as a VPS Pulsar without cPanel. However, some add-ons (or management options) can be added during the restoration process.

Please note that after the restoration, your VPS will have a new IP address.

*If you’d like to backup your data without the restoration of your data on a new VPS, please contact our Billing/Sales department. You’ll need to add $15 to your Namecheap funds.

Dedicated Server Restoration

After your dedicated server is canceled, all data is deleted from the server. It is impossible to obtain a backup for User-Responsible servers or servers with the Basic Management option.

For Advanced servers and servers with the Complete Management option, 500 GB and 200 GB of external backup storage are available respectively. So in these cases it may be possible to reactivate your server. Please contact our Billing/Sales department.
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