How to import and export a database via phpMyAdmin ('Access denied create database db_name' error)

In cPanel you can import and export databases using the phpMyAdmin menu which you can find in the Databases section. Note, that only databases of 1 GB maximum can be imported/exported in phpMyAdmin. Larger databases should be imported/exported via SSH. To do this, follow the instructions here or simply submit a ticket to our HelpDesk.

Database import

1. Log into your cPanel
2. Navigate to the phpMyAdmin menu.

You can use our cPanel Shortcuts in the Namecheap account for quick access.

3. Select the database that you need to import:

4. In the upper bar, click the tab Import:

5. Click Browse and locate the .sql file in your computer. Once done, click Go:

6. And you will see a notification that your database has been successfully imported:

Database export

1. Log into your cPanel
2. Navigate to the phpMyAdmin menu:

3. Select the database you need to export:

4. Choose the tables that you need to export or click Check All. Click Export to proceed:

5. Select the required file from the drop-down menu in Format and click the Go button:

Access denied create database db_name error. How to fix it?

If you receive this error message, you can resolve the issue by following the steps below:

1. Open the dump of your database using any text editor on your computer (for instance, Notepad or WordPad).
2. Find the line: CREATE DATABASE db_name (it can usually be found at the beginning) and remove it.
*db_name – your database name:

how_to_import_and_export_database_in_cpanel_access_denied_create_database_db_name_error_and_how_to_fix it(10).jpg

3. Save it and import it using the instructions provided above.

That's it!

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