How do I activate an SSL certificate?

Activation is the next step after purchasing an SSL Certificate. You will need to have a CSR code generated on your server yourself or by your Hosting Provider, don’t forget to back up the RSA Private Key that will be required for the installation. Otherwise, you will not be able to install the certificate when it is issued.

You should also ask your hosting company to advise you on the server type (software your server is using for CSR generation) for your hostname.

Important Note! Usually a dedicated IP address is required for SSL installation, however if you have SNI technology available on your server, you can install your SSL certificate on a shared IP address. Please pay attention that there are a few issues that may occur. You need to check SNI availability for your hostname with your hosting provider. This should be checked prior to SSL certificate activation for you to avoid any issues with SSL certificate installation.

If you are using Namecheap Hosting services please review SSL certificate activation and installation for domain hosted on Namecheap hosting servers article for help.

Once you have a CSR code generated, you should login to your Namecheap account and start the activation:

  • Hover your mouse over your account username in the left upper corner > Manage SSL Certificates;


  • Click on “Activate Now” link next to the required Certificate;


  • Paste CSR code and choose server type from the drop-down menu;
  • Select approval email address from the list;

    For security reasons the approval email can only be sent to one of the generic emails associated with the domain name (webmaster@, postmaster@, hostmaster@, administrator@, admin@) or to the whois email address.

    If you are to issue a Comodo certificate and for some reason it is not possible for you to use an email address for validation, please ask our Support Team for alternative validation methods.

    Please note that in case you choose “none” from the list, certificate activation will fail with a “PurchaseErorr” status.

  • Fill in administrative contact information.

    Please keep in mind that administrator's contact information has to be submitted using latin characters (Aa-Zz) only. If you use any other languages, you will receive an error message when submitting the order. Of course, you can use digits (0-9) when necessary for administrator's contact details (street number, postal code, phone number, etc.).

    The flowchart below describes possible scenarios of the Activation process till the moment the certificate is issued.


Confirmation email is to be delivered to the approval address within the next 10 minutes after activation is completed. Once you confirm the issuance by following the link in the approval email, you should receive the validated certificate to the administrative email address you have indicated during activation.

If you order an OV/EV certificate*, Certificate Authority will send you a request with the list of the required documents depending on the exact type of the certificate in order to verify your business. To speed up the certificate issuance, you also need to make sure that you have correct contact information in WHOIS for your domain. Order processing by Certification Authority may sometimes take up to an hour. If you do not receive the approval email during the mentioned time frame or the certificate is not delivered in an hour, please contact our SSL Support Team via live chat or ticket system.

* Comodo OV/EV certificates will still have a domain validation email prior to papers submission request.


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