Do you perform data backups for VPS users?

Server backups are generated once a week for all VPS packages regardless of the management type. Please note that such backups are over-written by newly created ones and made for server restoration purposes only. It is your responsibility to maintain local copies of the web content and information. We recommend you to set up regular backups for your hosting account using the Backups option in cPanel or create an account with CodeGuard to have a reserved copy of your data.

For VPS packages with Complete management, we provide 100GB of backup storage for VPS Quasar and 200GB for VPS Magnetar by default and generate backups on our end 3 times a week. Additional backup storage costs $10 per 10 GB of additional backup disk space. To order this service, please submit a ticket to our Billing/Sales department.

These articles will guide you through the process of manual backup setup:

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