Do you provide any support? What is your response time?

We do provide 24/7 support via Live chat and Ticket System.

We provide equal support for all our clients and all of the clients' requests are treated with the highest priority.

The Live chat support that can be used for some urgent issues to address them quickly or users may contact us via the ticket and the response time here is 2 hours. Surely, there may be cases that require some further escalation to upstream providers or to some other departments and such cases may need more time, however, we would like to assure you that we treat each case with top priority.

You can submit a ticket without registration; however, we advise creating an account first to have the opportunity to manage your support tickets.

Our HelpDesk offers the ability to send tickets to our support team in a secure and easy manner. In order for us to provide you with fast assistance, please fill in the corresponding fields with your Namecheap username and Support Pin when submitting a ticket. You can expect a reply within 2 hours.

Usually, our response time is much quicker than this; however, some tickets may require more time to be processed depending on the case and details and on the complexity of the issue.


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