Can I change the main domain name associated with my hosting account?

Yes, you can change the main domain name associated with your hosting account directly from your Namecheap account.

Please pay attention to the following during the domain name change:

  • The domain name you would like to host needs to be registered;
  • The domain name should not be a trademark;
  • The domain name should not be hosted on our servers and not added as an addon domain (or alias) to your hosting account. If it is already added, please remove it.
  • Any content and/or files, email, and FTP accounts will be reassigned from your previous domain name to your new one;
  • Any URL database references, contacts and mailing lists, SSL certificates, Softaculous App installations and their backups will not be reassigned from your previous domain to your new one. They should be updated manually.
  • If your website for the main domain is built with Website Builder, you would need to back up and restore the website's content manually after the main domain change.
  • If you have a Reseller Hosting plan, the following will also apply:

  • Private nameservers for the current domain name will not be transferred to the new one. You will need to register new private nameservers and re-point your resold domain names to them.
  • If you have WHMCS installed for the current domain name, it will require a license reissue after the domain name change.

  • To request the main domain change:

    1. Go to the Hosting List in the Namecheap account.

    2.Find the respective domain and click Manage next to the hosting package:

    3.On the next page, choose the Change Main Domain in the Account Actions drop-down menu:

    4.Enter the new domain name and agree to the disclaimers:

    5. Allow the system to validate your request (this can take between 2-3 minutes):

    You will receive a message regarding the successful main domain name change as well as a confirmation email to the email address associated with your Namecheap account.

    Feel free to contact our Hosting Support team or submit a ticket if you would like us to assist you with the process.

    When you contact us, you will need to provide your current domain name and the one you would like to host as well as your hosting account information to verify your ownership:

  • Your Namecheap account username
  • Your Namecheap Support PIN
  • Your cPanel username
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