My hosting provider is asking for my Auth/EPP code. Is it safe to provide it?

Auth/EPP code is used as a protection mechanism to ensure that only the rightful domain owner can control the transfer of the domain registration. It is one of the essential security measures against unauthorized transfers.

Some hosting companies may tell you that this is the only way to verify the domain for using hosting with them, but please be aware that it should be requested only if domain registration is being transferred to them, and there should be alternative methods of verification, such as change of nameservers, etc.

If the Auth/EPP code is provided to your hosting provider, your domain may be completely transferred to them. If that is not what you are looking for, please keep the domain lock on.

In case you do wish to completely transfer your domain registration out of Namecheap to the system of your hosting provider, you may check this article for details on how that can be done.
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