Identity and payment verification

Payment and ID verification is a crucial process that ensures your data is not used by third parties. Doing business with unfamiliar parties increases the risk for fraud, so in some cases, we need to request personal verifiable information from our customers. This helps in safeguarding our customers from malicious actors that can steal their data and use it for fraudulent purposes.

In the cases when you are required to pass verification, you will be asked to provide identification of your payment, identity, or residence. The full list of documents that may be requested is listed here: Why we can request the documents and what they will be.

At Namecheap, we establish trust with our customers with a fast and secure document scan. For verification, we use, which is highly secure, user-friendly, and easy to integrate. This uses photo verification to verify documents using a smartphone, tablet, or similar device.

This system is PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 certified, which is the same level of protection used by major credit card brands like Visa and Mastercard. This certification consists of an in-depth annual third-party security compliance audit and continual security testing, as mandated by the PCI Certification Counsel.

Be assured that with, users can safely and easily submit sensitive documents while ensuring businesses securely manage and delete documents. From the moment you start using the platform, your visit is secured by SSL-level encryption, and any pictures used online are in compliance with SSL encryption standards. This is the same standard that eCommerce sites use for credit card purchases.

If your account is flagged by our verification system, you will receive an email containing a link from the Risk Management department. manual

Once you get a link from us, you will be asked to submit either a photo of a credit card or a document. To submit a photo via, please follow these steps:

1. Follow the secure link on any device with a camera.
2. Click the button "Accept and Start".

3. Make sure you are ready to have your photo taken.
4. Allow to use the camera of your device (if access to the camera is enabled by default, this step can be skipped) and click the button "Start Now" to take a photo of the credit card.

5. Align the camera, then select "Take a picture!". 

6. Check the image submitted (whether all the details are visible and readable) then click "Confirm & Next".

If you are requested to submit identification, you will be asked to take a personal photo. Click "Start Now" to take a photo of yourself.

7. Click the button "Take a Picture".

8. Check the image submitted and whether your face is clearly visible, then click "Confirm & Next".

9. Click "Start Now" to take a photo of the front side of the document.

10. Once you are ready, click "Take a Picture!".

11. Check the image submitted (whether all the details in the document are visible and readable) then select "Confirm & Next".

12. Click "Start Now" to take a photo of the other side of the document.

13. Once you are ready, click "Take a Picture!".

14. Check the image submitted (whether all the details in the document are visible and readable) then click "Confirm & Next".

If the details have been successfully submitted, you will receive the following message:


Q: Why do you need my photo?
A: To make sure our customers are real and match their ID documents, we request ID along with a photo. It ensures that our users possess their physical ID documents and they are who they say they are.

Q: What should I do if I see a black screen after selecting the link?
A: First, try disabling Adblock or any other extensions that may block certain elements of web pages. If this doesn’t help, try using another browser, incognito mode, or a different device. It may also be necessary to clear your cache or cookies. Additionally, please be prepared from the start and complete submission within 15 minutes of selecting the link.

Q: I have not submitted the details yet, but after following the link it says, “Thank you. Your submission has been received.”
A: Please note that the link is valid for 14 days only. If you missed your link, please contact us to get it re-sent.

 If the issue persists, please contact us and we will investigate it on our side.
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