Why we can request the documents and what they will be

At Namecheap, the security of our customers' accounts is a high priority. Our verification standards and procedures are designed to protect you from being a victim of identity theft, account takeovers, and any fraudulent activity or financial losses that could happen should someone attempt to gain unauthorized access to your account.

We request that you verify your identity in several situations.  These include where you may be part of a domain ownership dispute, where you have an account access issue and request our help in accessing your account, and/or various types of abuse claims that may be brought to our attention.  We may request certain document(s) to verify your identity as the domain/account owner, legitimacy of your payment, or confirm your claim.

Under our Universal Terms of Service Agreement, you agree to provide government-issued photo identification and/or government-issued business identification, plus whatever else we deem required and necessary, to verify your identity.

We may request:

  • Passport;
  • Identity card;
  • Permanent resident card;
  • Health Insurance card with photo (Canada, USA, Australia);
  • Driver's license;
  • U.S. Military ID;
  • A utility bill or a bank statement;
  • Organization formation documents (e.g., a Certificate or Articles of Incorporation);
  • Documents that confirm the Security Company's legitimacy;
  • Trademark Notice;
  • DMCA Takedown Notice;
  • HMRC tax notification;
  • A screenshot of the PayPal transaction details;
  • Court orders;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Death Certificate;
  • Change of name certificate;
  • Marriage license.
The list of the documents is not complete, and in some cases, we may request providing or filling out additional documents and request their notarization.

Platform we use for verifying your identity


When we request government-issued identity documents, we will always request that you provide them through Veriff, a secure third-party platform created specifically to provide high standards of security and privacy of your information.

We will never request you to send your private information as an email attachment or through any other third-party tools, and we strongly discourage you from doing so to avoid security issues.

Veriff is a dedicated, secure client document management platform. We use this as our sole method of collecting and verifying sensitive information due to their stellar security standards, which include:  

  • Significant security standards specifically designed to protect sensitive information: Strong SSL encryption and data encryption throughout the entire process of collection, storage, access, and deletion; PCI compliance.
  • Strict limitations on data access: only a limited group of Namecheap representatives have access to documents submitted, and Veriff cannot access such information.
  • Limited Data Retention: once an identity is validated, the submission is no longer available; all submissions are subject to a regular deletion schedule.

Our Privacy Policy explains how and for what purposes we collect, use, retain, disclose, and safeguard any personal data you provide to us.
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