How to set up FastVPN on macOS

From the FastVPN page, select your desired plan:

Once you click Get started, you will be prompted to sign into your Namecheap account or to create a new account:

Once you are logged in, enter payment details and confirm your purchase of the FastVPN application:

To install the app, you can use the link directly from the FastVPN for Mac page by clicking the Download on iTunes button in the Download VPN for MacOS section:

Once the app is successfully installed, the FastVPN icon will appear in the menu bar. Click this icon and sign into your existing Namecheap account:

Once signed in, you will see the FastVPN system tray icon with Compact mode:

Under Compact mode, you will have:

  • Favorite

    From here you can connect to your favorite locations. Note that you will be able to add your favorite location if you have not chosen any before:

  • Best Available

    From here you can connect to the "Best Available" location:

The next step allows FastVPN to be added to the VPN configurations on your Mac. Click Allow to proceed:

Once confirmed, you will be asked twice to enter your Mac user password in order to modify your settings. Click Always Allow:

  • See All locations will redirect you to the expanded view with more options where you can see all locations, add/remove the favorite country or city, connect to country or city:

Here you can favorite a country:

Or favorite a city:

You can have multiple levels of connections, either connect at a country level:

Or connect to a city location:

  • Settings will redirect you to the expanded view where you will have more options:

Under General Settings, you will have:

  • Always On feature
    It allows FastVPN to establish a secure connection automatically, so you will never forget to do this manually.
    It will ensure that your VPN is always connected if you ever lose connection or change network.
  • About FastVPN section with the version number of the app that you are using.
  • Customer Support section that allows you to contact directly our support team by clicking the "Chat with a Live Person" link.
  • Link to our Rules & Policies.
  • Send Feedback section that allows you to submit feedback from the app.
  • Sign out from the app button.
  • Quit App button.

Under Protocol Settings, you will have:

  • IKEv2 - a secure, stable and mobile-oriented protocol. It is faster than other protocols but only supported on limited platforms.

Under Log Details, you will have:

  • The Track Your User Behavior option that allows you privately turning on user tracking logs. They will be visible only to you.
  • Data Consumption section that allows you to track Downloads and Uploads.
  • Log Details section to improve your troubleshooting experience.

  • Send feedback allows you to submit feedback from the app.

  • Help

    • Customer Support
    • Terms of Service
    • Privacy Policy

  • Sign Out
  • Quit

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