Can I order more bandwidth/space/memory?

If you have a shared or reseller account and you reach bandwidth or disk space limits, you need to upgrade to the next available plan, as this is the only method of adding more resources to your account.

If you have Business SSD hosting plan and you have occupied more than 20 GB of your disk space, you may consider an upgrade to Business Double (40 GB of disk space) or Triple plan (60 GB of disk space). To get more details, kindly refer to this article.

If you have a VPS the following is applied:
    • additional space for $10.00/10GB
    • bandwidth - $10.00/100GB
    • RAM - $8.00/128MB

If you have a dedicated server, the following is applied:
    • additional bandwidth - $100/10TB when ordering in advance, $0.01/1GB when the server is in overuse
    • disk space and RAM cannot be ordered, thus an upgrade is required.

To order additional resources or upgrade your existing account, submit a ticket to our Billing team at our helpdesk.



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