How can I change the operating system on my VPS/Dedicated Server

First, choose a new operating system for your VPS/Dedicated server.

Please note that the operating system (OS) change requires you to set up your VPS/Dedicated server again.

You can proceed with the update on your own, or feel free to request assistance from our support team.

Manual operating system change on Dedicated Server

If you choose to switch your operating system manually, you are solely responsible for the changes made on you Dedicated server. Thus, please make sure that you acknowledge your actions as we will not be able to help you in case of any issues since we don't know your service configurations.

Since your server will be reset, and all the data will be lost, you need to take the following steps:

1. Create a full backup of your service and save it on your computer.

2.Once this is done, contact our Billing/Sales with your request, indicating the root password you use to access your Dedicated server.

3.Our Technical department will help you to set up your server again and notify you about its completion.

4.Restore the backup on your Dedicated server.

Manual operating system change on VPS

1.The OS change will cause a loss of data on your Account. If you have the cPanel license installed on your VPS, create a backup. Or you can create a backup via SSH.

If you have the cPanel license installed on your VPS but don’t need it on the new OS, please contact our Billing/Sales Department to cancel the license, as this will prevent extra charges.

2.Once the backup has been created, log into your VPS management platform. In your Dashboard, click on the Reinstall button.

3.Select your operating system from the list, and click Reinstall. Here is an example:

4.Confirm your selection by clicking the Yes button:

5.Please note that your VPS will be offline during the re-installation. During the setup, you’ll get the message: ‘Installation has been started’. Allow up to 10 minutes. Once completed, you'll receive a new root password and be able to restore your cPanel accounts from the previously generated backup(s).

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