Namecheap Private Email DNS records setup for domains hosted with Wix

If your domain uses the web builder Wix’s nameservers (e.g. /, these are the steps you’ll follow to setup your Private Email DNS:

1. Sign into your Wix account.
2. Click on your Wix account username (right-upper corner of the page) and choose the Domains section:

3. Select the Mailboxes tab, and click on Change Settings option:


4. For the Your Email Provider section, choose Other from the drop-down list and enter the following MX records for your domain:

Host Name: domain.tld | Points to: | Priority: 10 | TTL : 1 hour
Host Name: domain.tld | Points to: | Priority: 20 | TTL : 1 hour


5. Next you’ll set up the SPF record i.e. as a domain name owner, you’ll confirm the list of IP addresses that are authorized to send mail from your domain name. Go to the Advanced tab and click on the Edit DNS button:


You’ll see a popup which says "Editing or deleting your domain’s default A or CNAME records may cause your site to go offline". Click "Got it" and proceed with the SPF record setup.

NOTE: SPF record type is no longer used. For this reason we recommend adding SPF records in the TXT section of your DNS records:

Host Name: domain.tld  | TXT Value: v=spf1 ~all | TTL: 1 hour


6. You can add also add CNAME and SRV records. They will not affect email delivery itself and can be skipped:

Host Name: mail.domain.tld | Points to: | TTL: 1 hour
Host Name: autoconfig.domain.tld | Points to: | TTL: 1 hour
Host Name: autodiscover.domain.tld  | Points to: | TTL: 1 hour

Autodiscover and autoconfig DNS records enable email clients to automatically discover and configure access to your mail accounts.


The SRV record is used for publishing services and service discovery. Its main use is to allow services to run easily on non-standard ports and to reduce the configuration burden when setting up email clients.


7. Once you add all the necessary record configurations, click on the Save DNS button.

Allow up to 30 minutes for the records to propagate.

That's it, you’re all done!


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