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At Namecheap, we strive to provide the best value at a competitive price for all our customers. As a result, from time to time, we update the plans we offer to our clients. To that end, we’re offering three new Shared Hosting Plans (Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business) that have replaced our previous set (Value, Professional/Ultimate/Business SSD).
While there are many who still own the previous plans, this article will help to compare the options.

One of the main changes is our pricing policy. We aim to make our services affordable for everyone; therefore, the regular renewal prices have been reduced for Shared Hosting and previous promotional prices for first-year purchases are no longer valid. New prices for Shared Hosting reflect about 30% savings compared to previous prices.

For your convenience, we’ve also added a monthly billing cycle, and prolonged our money-back policy from 14 days to 30 days, allowing you to test our services even longer with zero risk of losing money.

Our trusted Technical Team is always looking for ways to improve and features to provide. So, we are now offering even better Shared Hosting options for our customers, which come with an improved allocation of resources.

You can find the comparison table below:

Name of the Plan Value 4G Professional 4G Ultimate 4G Business SSD Stellar Stellar
Pricing $38.88/year


$83.88/2 years


$118.88/2 years

$216.88/2 years
Plan Features
Disk space 20 GB 50 GB Unmetered 20 GB Pure SSD 20 GB SSD Unmetered SSD 50 GB SSD
Bandwidth Unmetered
5000 GB Unmetered
Hosted Domain Names 31050 Unlimited 3 Unlimited
Subdomain Names 50100 Unlimited 30 Unlimited
FTP Users 50100 Unlimited 50 Unlimited
Email Features
50100 Unlimited 30 Unlimited
50100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Database Features
50100 Unlimited 50 Unlimited
-100 Unlimited - Unlimited

In summary, we can now offer you:

  • Better prices
  • Unmetered Disk Space for Stellar Plus and increased Disk Space for Stellar Business customers
  • Unmetered Bandwidth for all Shared Hosting Plans
  • Unlimited number of addon domain names if you choose the Stellar Plus and Stellar Business Plans
  • Increased number of subdomain names
  • Fully-equipped SSD servers

For more detailed technical specifications, please visit our Shared Hosting homepage.

If you have a previous Shared Hosting Plan and wish to change to a new one, you are welcome to submit a request to our Billing/Sales Department.

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