How to use AutoBackup cPanel plugin

AutoBackup is a cPanel plugin that allows customers with Stellar Plus and Stellar Business Hosting to retrieve a full cPanel backup (all account files, databases, email accounts, and settings) right away. Moreover, several backup snapshots are stored in our storage so you have a choice of which backup to use.

NOTE: The plugin allows accessing server backups - it is not possible to upload your own backup files there.

In order to locate the backup plugin, navigate to the cPanel >> the Exclusive for Namecheap Customers section >> AutoBackup:

On the next page, you will be able to restore the cPanel account backup automatically.

For this, choose the backup date from the drop-down menu and click the Restore Full Backup button.

NOTE: The restoration will overwrite the current content of the website with the backup one. The corresponding notification will appear:

Once pressing Continue, the system will prepare the backup to be restored. At this stage, you can stop the restoration process if needed using Cancel task button in the Action Logs part:

After the successful backup restoration, you will get the corresponding message:

The AutoBackup options allow you also to review the total amount of the available backups and the exact number of daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

If you wish to see the details of all the backups, click on the drop-down menu to expand the list of backups.

These backups are created on the server side according to the following schema:
  • 6 daily backups
  • 3 weekly backups
  • 11 monthly backups
PLEASE NOTE: Dates and time are shown according to the local time of your browser.

The list of backups includes those within the period of one year. Items older than one year from the current date will be removed from the list automatically.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be able to see these backups as they are created. If your account was created recently, there may either be no backups available or only daily backups.

It is not possible to force backup creation using AutoBackup. If you need to generate a backup immediately, you can use the Backup cPanel menu.

You can also choose the Get Backup option to download the backup or get a link to it:

As soon as you choose Get Backup, the progress bar will appear:

If the backup file is more than 1 GB, it may take some time to be generated. In case the generation process has stuck, please contact our Support Team in order we could check the matter for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Backups are available for download for 15 days after retrieval.

As soon as the backup is generated, you will be able to see the Backup Size. The following Actions are available in the backup drop-down menu:
  • Download the backup
  • Cancel backup access for download
  • Delete task will delete this task
There you will also be able to Copy URL to the backup file:

For your increased security, you can cancel download access at any time using the Cancel backup access option. The confirmation pop-up will be shown:

If you see the following message after accessing the plugin, just try checking it later or contact our Support Team to get more details:

That’s it!


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