How to set up WinSCP

WinSCP is an FTP client for Windows OS that supports not only secure SFTP and FTPES protocol types but also unencrypted FTP. It can be used both with the main cPanel SFTP access and with the separate FTPES accounts created in the "FTP Accounts" section of the cPanel.

If you are creating a separate account for a single domain only, the nameservers need to be set to point your domain to your hosting for a minimum of 24 hours.

SFTP connection

FTP connection

Transferring files

SFTP connection:

File protocol: SFTP
Host name: the server your account is hosted on
Port number: 21098
User name: your cPanel username
Password: your cPanel password

FTP connection:

File protocol: FTP
Encryption: TLS Explicit encryption
Host name:the server your account is hosted on
Port number: 21
User name: your cPanel username or the FTP account username
Password: your cPanel password or the FTP account password

Make sure that the password does not have any spaces at the beginning or at the end when you enter it. This often happens when you copy it directly from the setup email. You can check it by copying and pasting it to any text editor to see if any appear.

Transferring files:

After the successful connection the directory listing will be opened:

This FTP client supports drag-and-drop as well as graphic interface functions. Transfer of large files is only possible with a stable Internet connection. If the FTP client fails to connect after entering the correct credentials, you may need to temporarily disable anti-virus/firewall software as these can prevent a successful connection.

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