How to find your affiliate link

In order to create an affiliate link to a specific landing page, please follow the instructions provided in the "How to link to a specific page on" article.

If you want to generate a simple affiliate link, that will lead your referrals to Namecheap’s homepage, please follow the instructions below:

  • Impact Radius

  • Commission Junction

  • ShareASale

  • Impact Radius

    1. Login to your Impact Radius account:

    2. Find a Create a link option on the Dashboard or in the left-hand menu:

    3. Paste "" here and click Create.
    The generator will populate a link with your unique tracking information embedded. Then, click on the link that is generated and paste it on your publishing location (website or social page, message or email to your friend, etc.).

    Commission Junction

    1. Login to your CJ account:

    2. Navigate to Links >> Search:

    3. Enter "Namecheap" in the Advertiser(s) search field and "homepage" in the Keyword(s) field >> click Search:

    4. On the appeared ad click the Get Code button:

    5. Choose the Click URL option and copy the code from the window:


    1. Login to your ShareASale account:

    2. Navigate to Links >> Create a custom link to a page:

    3. Enter "" in the Custom Link Generator field >> Click Create Custom Link button:

    4. Copy the code from Your Custom Link field:

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.
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