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Connecting to a specific landing page at the Namecheap website can help with conversion and also save your clients and friends time looking for the product you are promoting. Each of our platforms has a way to create a link to a specific landing page that includes your affiliate code so you get commissions on the new user sales you generate.

Using this tool will also be helpful for affiliates with domain generator websites who would like to create a link to our domain search result field.

  • Commission Junction

  • ShareASale

  • Impact Radius

    1. Log in to your Impact Radius account and navigate to one of the Create a link options (on the Dashboard or in the left-hand menu):

    Paste in the URL of the landing page you’ve chosen (1) and click Create (2). The generator will populate a link with your unique tracking information (3):

    Now you can copy and publish it on your website/social media, or send it to a friend.

    Commission Junction

    Log into your Commission Junction account through one of the supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

    Make sure the bookmarks menu is visible. You can enable it following these steps:

    • Chrome: Settings (?) > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks Bar
    • Firefox: Settings (=) > Library > Bookmarks > Bookmarking Tools > View Bookmarks Toolbar
    • Safari: Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks
           Go to Links and select Link Tools from the dropdown menu:

    Find the Deep Link Generator tool and drag the script from step 3 into your bookmark menu:

    Once added, it will look as follows:

    After that you can open the landing page you wish to link to on Namecheap website (e.g. our hosting page). Once on that page, just click the CJ Deep Link generator icon. You will see a pop-up screen with your link. Copy it and use it to direct your audience straight to that specific landing page:


    In your ShareASale account choose Links >> Get Link/Banner:

    Type "Namecheap Inc" in the Merchant Search field:

    From there you can select Create Custom Link. Paste the URL of the landing page you have chosen in the Paste URL field and then click Create Custom Link:

    You will receive an affiliate link that you can share with your customer or add on your website.
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