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Gets information about fund in the user's account.This method returns the following information: Available Balance, Account Balance, Earned Amount, Withdrawable Amount and Funds Required for AutoRenew.

NOTE: If a domain setup with automatic renewal is expiring within the next 90 days, the FundsRequiredForAutoRenew attribute shows the amount needed in your Namecheap account to complete auto renewal.

Example Request


Request Parameters

Global parameters are not shown here for clarity, but should be present in all requests

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ApiResponse Status="OK">
  <Errors />
  <CommandResponse Type="namecheap.users.getBalances">
    <UserGetBalancesResult Currency="USD" AvailableBalance="4932.96" AccountBalance="4932.96" EarnedAmount="381.70" WithdrawableAmount="1243.36" FundsRequiredForAutoRenew="0.00" />

Response Parameters

Name Description
Currency Currency in which the price is listed
AvailableBalance Total amount in the customer’s account
AccountBalance Total amount in the customer’s account. Currently it is the same as Available Balance.
EarnedAmount Amount earned from Marketplace sales
WithdrawableAmount Amount available for withdraw
FundsRequiredForAutoRenew Amount required for auto-renewal

Error Codes

Specifies the error codes that might be returned from this method

Number Description
4022312 Balance information is not available


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