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Namecheap API Global Parameters

For each API call, a set of parameters are required. These parameters include information like APIUser, APIKey, etc., and should be present in all the requests.

Global Request Parameters

Name Type MaxLength Required? Description
ApiUser String 20 Yes Username required to access the API
ApiKey String 50 Yes Password required used to access the API
Command String 80 Yes Command for execution
UserName String 20 Yes The Username on which a command is executed.Generally, the values of ApiUser and UserName parameters are the same.
ClientIp String 15 Yes An IP address of the server from which our system receives API calls (only IPv4 can be used).

Global Error Codes

Number Description
1010101 Parameter APIUser is missing
1030408 Unsupported authentication type
1010104 Parameter Command is missing
1010102, 1011102 Parameter APIKey is missing
1010105, 1011105 Parameter ClientIP is missing
1050900 Unknown error when validating APIUser
1011150 Parameter RequestIP is invalid
1017150 Parameter RequestIP is disabled or locked
1017105 Parameter ClientIP is disabled or locked
1017101 Parameter ApiUser is disabled or locked
1017410 Too many declined payments
1017411 Too many login attempts
1019103 Parameter UserName is not available
1016103 Parameter UserName is unauthorized
1017103 Parameter UserName is disabled or locked


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