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Transfer Statuses and Description

Possible transfer statuses: WAITINGFOREPP, CANCELED, COMPLETED

Status ID and Description from provider

StatusID Description
0 Transfer request created - awaiting fax
1 WhoIs information matches
2 Canceled due to WhoIs error
3 Pending due to domain status
4 Canceled due to domain status
5 Transferred and paid successfully
6 Transfer incomplete - charge problem
7 Frozen due to charge problem
8 NSI rejected transfer
9 Awaiting auto verification of transfer request
10 Transfer in Process - Acquiring Current Whois for Transfer Verification
11 Auto verification of transfer request initiated
12 Awaiting for auto transfer string validation
13 Domain awaiting transfer initiation
14 Domain transfer initiated and awaiting approval
15 Canceled - cannot obtain domain contacts from Whois
16 Canceled - domain contacts did not respond to verification e-mail
17 Canceled - domain contacts did not approve transfer of domain
Canceled - domain validation string is invalid
19 Canceled - Whois information provided does not match current registrant
20 Canceled - Domain is currently not registered and cannot be transferred
21 Canceled - Domain is already registered in account and cannot be transferred
22 Canceled - Domain is locked at current registrar, or is not yet 60 days old
23 Canceled - Transfer already initiated for this domain
24 Canceled - Unable to transfer due to unknown error
25 Canceled - The current registrar has rejected transfer (please contact them for details)
26 Canceled - Transfer authorization fax not received
27 Canceled by customer
28 Fax received - awaiting registrant verification
29 Awaiting manual fax verification
30 Canceled - Domain name is invalid or is Invalid for Transfers
31 Canceled - Domain is currently undergoing transfer by another Registrar
32 Canceled - Invalid EPP/authorization key - Please contact current registrar to obtain correct key
33 Canceled - Cannot transfer domain from name-only account
34 Unable to complete transfer. Transfers must include a change in registrar
35 Transfer request not yet submitted
36 Canceled - Account is not authorized to perform domain transfers
37 Canceled - Domain was not retagged or not retagged in time by losing registrar
45 Order canceled
48 Canceled - registrant to registrant transfer only allowed into Retail accounts
49 Canceled - Maximum registration period exceeded
50 Canceled - Cannot transfer premium name
51 Canceled - Registrant info is missing

Status ID and Description from Namecheap

StatusID Description
-4 Canceled - Domain is locked at current registrar, or is not yet 60 days old
-22 Canceled - Invalid entry
-1 EPP Provided. Queued for Transfer
-5 Authorization mail will be sent shortly
-2 Resubmitted - Queued for transfer
-1 Queued for submission or Queued for Transfer or EPP Provided
-202 Unable to retrieve expiration date from Whois database
-22 Waiting for EPP Transfer Code from Customer


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