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Purchases more add-on domains for an already purchased certificate

Example Request


Request Parameters

Global parameters are not shown here (for clarity), but they should be present in all requests.

Name Type MaxLength Required? Description
CertificateID Number 10 Yes ID of the certificate for which you wish to purchase more add-on domains
NumberOfSANSToAdd Number 2 Yes Number of add-on domains to be ordered

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ApiResponse Status="OK">
  <Errors />
  <Warnings />
  <CommandResponse Type="namecheap.ssl.purchaseMoreSANS">
    <SSLPurchaseMoreSANSResult IsSuccess="true" OrderId="111" TransactionId="11111" ChargedAmount="23.3000">
      <SSLCertificate CertificateID="1111" SSLType="positivessl multi domain" Years="1" Status="NEWPURCHASE" SANSCount="4" />

Response Parameters

Name Description
IsSuccess Indicates whether more SANs were purchased
Order ID A unique integer value that represents the order
TransactionID A unique integer value that represents the transaction
ChargedAmount The amount charged for the order
CertificateID A unique integer value that represents the SSL
SSLType Type of SSL certificate
Years Number of years for which the certificate is purchased
The current status of SSL certificate
SANSCount Indicates the number of add-on domains

Error Codes

Specifies the error codes that might be returned from this method

Number Description
2033409 Possibly a logical error in authentication phase. Order chargeable for Username is not found.
2015167 Number of years should be maximum 10
2011301 SSLType is invalid
2011170 Promotion code is invalid
4011299 The Purchasevalidationid already exists.The certificate cannot be created.
2528166 Order creation failed
5050900 Unhandled exceptions


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