API Methods


  • getPricing — Returns pricing information for a requested product type.
  • getBalances — Gets information about fund in the user's account.This method returns the following information: Available Balance, Account Balance, Earned Amount, Withdrawable Amount and Funds Required for AutoRenew.
  • changePassword — Changes password of the particular user's account.
  • update — Updates user account information for the particular user.
  • createaddfundsrequest — Creates a request to add funds through a credit card
  • getAddFundsStatus — Gets the status of add funds request.
  • create — Creates a new account at NameCheap under this ApiUser.
  • login — Validates the username and password of user accounts you have created using the API command namecheap.users.create.
  • resetPassword — When you call this API, a link to reset password will be emailed to the end user's profile email id.The end user needs to click on the link to reset password.

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