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Creates a new account at NameCheap under this ApiUser.

Example Request


Request Parameters

Global parameters are not shown here for clarity, but should be present in all requests

Name Type MaxLength Required? Description
NewUserName String 20 Yes Username for the new user account
NewUserPassword String 20 Yes Password for the new user account
EmailAddress String 128 Yes Email address of the user
IgnoreDuplicateEmailAddress String 10 No By default, it ignores to check if the email address is already in use.
Default Value: Yes
FirstName String 60 Yes First name of the user
LastName String 60 Yes Last name of the user
AcceptTerms Number 1 Yes Terms of agreement. The Value should be 1 for user account creation.
Default Value: 1
AcceptNews Number 1 No Possible values are 0 and 1. Value should be 1 if the user wants to recieve newsletters else it should be 0.
JobTitle String 60 No Job designation of the user
Organization String 60 No Organization of the user
Address1 String 60 Yes StreetAddress1 of the user
Address2 String 60 No StreetAddress2 of the user
City String 60 Yes City of the user
StateProvince String 60 Yes State/Province of the user
Zip String 15 Yes Zip/Postal code of the user
Country String 2 Yes Two letter country code of the user
Phone String 20 Yes Phone number in the format +NNN.NNNNNNNNNN
PhoneExt String 10 No PhoneExt of the user
Fax String 20 No Fax number in the format +NNN.NNNNNNNNNN

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ApiResponse xmlns="http://api.namecheap.com/xml.response" Status="OK">
  <Errors />
  <CommandResponse Type="namecheap.users.create">
    <UserCreateResult Success="true" UserId="75" />

Error Codes

Specifies the error codes that might be returned from this method

Number Description
2011153 Email address is invalid
2011163 Phone is invalid
2011165 Fax is invalid
2011151 FirstName is invalid
2011152 LastName is invalid
2011103 UserName is invalid
2033153 Email address is already in use
2015182 The contact phone is invalid. The phone number format is +NNN.NNNNNNNNNN
4011331 StatusCode for create user is invalid
4022103 Failed to create user


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