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Both HTTP GET and POST are supported by this method.


Creates a new SSL certificate

Example request for single-domain certificate


Example request for multi-domain certificate


Request Parameters

Global parameters are not shown here (for clarity), but they should be present in all requests.

Parameter Data Type MaxLength Required? Description
Years Number 1 Yes Number of years SSL will be issued for
Allowed values: 1,2,3,4,5
Type String 50 Yes SSL product name. See "Possible values for Type parameter" below this table.
SANStoADD Number 2 No Defines number of add-on domains to be purchased in addition to the default number of domains included into a multi-domain certificate
PromotionCode String 20 No Promotional (coupon) code for the certificate

Possible values for Type parameter:

PositiveSSL, EssentialSSL, InstantSSL, InstantSSL Pro, PremiumSSL, EV SSL, PositiveSSL Wildcard, EssentialSSL Wildcard, PremiumSSL Wildcard, PositiveSSL Multi Domain, Multi Domain SSL, Unified Communications, EV Multi Domain SSL.

SSL certificates classification by domain coverage and validation type:
  • Domain Validation (DV): PositiveSSL, EssentialSSL, 
  • Organization Validation (OV): InstantSSL, InstantSSL Pro, PremiumSSL
  • Extended Validation (EV): EV SSL
  • Domain Validation (DV): PositiveSSL Wildcard, EssentialSSL Wildcard
  • Organization Validation (OV):  PremiumSSL Wildcard
  • Domain Validation (DV): PositiveSSL Multi Domain
  • Organization Validation (OV): Multi Domain SSL, Unified Communications
  • Extended Validation (EV): EV Multi Domain SSL

All multi-domain certificates have a default number of domains included in the basic setup (without SANS), a max total number of domains, and a max SANStoAdd value

Domains included Max total domains Max SANStoADD value
3 100 97

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ApiResponse Status="OK" xmlns="http://api.namecheap.com/xml.response">
 <CommandResponse Type="namecheap.ssl.create">
  <SSLCreateResult IsSuccess="true" OrderId="1234567" TransactionId="1234567" ChargedAmount="908.1600">
   <SSLCertificate CertificateID="123456" Created="02/20/2018" SSLType="Multi Domain SSL" Years="2" Status="NewPurchase"/>

Response Parameters

Name Description
IsSuccess Indicates whether SSL order was successful
Order ID A unique integer value that represents the order
TransactionID A unique integer value that represents the transaction
ChargedAmount The amount charged for the order
CertificateID A unique integer value that represents the SSL
Created The date on which the certificate is created
SSLType Type of SSL cerificate
Years Number of years for which the certificate will be issued
Status The current status of SSL certificate

Error Codes

Specifies the error codes that might be returned from this method

Number Description
2010167 Parameter Years is Missing
2010298 Parameter Type is Missing
2011167 Parameter Years is Invalid
2011170 using const PROMOTION_CODE_ERRORS as custom text for this error
2011301 Parameter Type is not valid
2011301 We\'re sorry, the requested SSL type has been discontinued
2011767 Addon details is not available for the SSLType
2011767 Number of SANS To add is not within the limit.
2011900 Parameter SANSToAdd is Invalid
2013167 Parameter Years is OutOfRange
2013170 Parameter PromotionCode is TooLong
2013900 Parameter SANSToAdd is OutOfRange
2015167 Number of years should be maximum 3
2032409 Some error occurred during authentication phase'
2528166 Order creation failed
2528166 ORDER CREATION FAILED; Failed to Create Order;;Oops! Internal error occurred while creating order. Please try again. If problem persist, please contact support. Error Details:-CALCULATIONERROR
2528166 ORDER CREATION FAILED; INSUFFICIENTFUNDS;Insufficient funds in account; Sorry! Your available balance is insufficient to cover the current billing amount;
4080167 Due to recent CA/B Forum updates, it is no longer possible to purchase 4- and 5-year certificates after March 1, 2015. Please contact our support team.
4080167 Due to revised CA/B Forum regulations, it is no longer possible to purchase 3-, 4- and 5-year certificates after March 1, 2018. Please contact our support team.


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