API Methods


  • create — Creates a new SSL certificate.
  • getList — Returns a list of SSL certificates for the particular user.
  • parseCSR — Parsers the CSR
  • getApproverEmailList — Gets approver email list for the requested certificate.
  • activate — Activates a newly purchased SSL certificate.
  • resendApproverEmail — Resends the approver email.
  • getInfo — Retrieves information about the requested SSL certificate
  • renew — Renews an SSL certificate.
  • reissue — Reissues an SSL certificate.
  • resendfulfillmentemail — Resends the fulfilment email containing the certificate.
  • purchasemoresans — Purchases more add-on domains for already purchased certificate.
  • revokecertificate — Revokes a re-issued SSL certificate.
  • editDCVMethod — Sets new domain control validation (DCV) method for a certificate or serves as 'retry' mechanism

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