Business Blogging – From Content To Content Ed

Business Blogging - From Content To Content Ed

Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow



Blogging for business? Not gaining traction, or more commonly you don’t have a clue what to blog about? This Blogging for Business training will go through the 3 main things business owners struggle with:

1 – Who to blog for

2 – What to blog about

3 – Where to share your blog for the best results.

This is a complete training with an action guide that contains 7 blog post formulas so you leave this session motivated and confident that you can create the content that attracts traffic, leads and sales. 


Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow discovered blogging by accident. She has used her business blog to win a 7-figure contract, meet Tony Robbins and decline a party invitation from Martha Stewart. Starting with an audience of zero, using blogging, Sarah ensured her husband’s regional transport company had a bigger digital footprint that Fedex, UPS and DHL combined. Since then Sarah has trained over 750,000 bloggers through her business-focused blogging challenge (est. 2007). She’d love to show you how to make the most of your blog for traffic, subscribers and sales.

You can find Sarah at and the blogging challenge at

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Content Nitro is part of the Online Visibility Academy where micro and small business owners can learn digital marketing skills as well as how to blog as a business owner.


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