Getting Your Feet Wet On Social Media As A Small Or Medium Business

Pino B. | May 24, 2023
23 mins


In this masterclass, we discuss the role of Social Media in the marketing mix for Small or Medium Businesses. We answer some basic but important questions such as how to measure the ROI of social activities and we set up the following strategy roadmap:

  1. Set your business objective;

  2. Choose the relevant business metric and set up a measurement system;

  3. Translate your business objective into a social media objective;

  4. Create a social media strategy to achieve that objective;

  5. Select the relevant social metric or metrics and make sure you have a way to measure them easily;

  6. Create a plan of action for social with all the tactics and activities that can help you achieve the social media objective, which eventually will help you achieve the business objective;

  7. Continuously measure your metrics; only if you measure you can understand if this machinery is actually working and how you can optimize it.


Picture of Pino B.

Pino B.

Pino is a digital and content marketing professional, with more than ten years of expertise. In fact, he has been leading digital programs since global brands have been wondering how to integrate social media in their digital strategies. First, he helped Nokia find its social voice. Then he extended its authority beyond consumer products and into location-based services. Finally, he built the brand of HERE Technologies from the ground up through the development of a comprehensive digital strategy and content marketing plan. For more than one year, Pino has been coaching the members of the Social Media Team at Namecheap, and positioned the brand on social as an authoritative source of information about websites, online presence, privacy and security.

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