What is a premium domain?

Premium domains are high-value domains that have the potential to become popular web addresses with strong branding opportunities.

Usually premium domains are short, easy-to-remember domain names with popular extensions. They may come with a significantly higher domain registration price, and in some cases, they may have a higher domain renewal and transfer cost as well.

         How do premium domains work?

Premium names can be either put up for sale by their existing owners or by the registries. The main difference between the two lies in the pricing and purchase process:

1. Domains sold by their existing owners usually have a one-time purchase fee and their maintenance cost (renew and transfer) does not differ from the regular cost for other domains with the same extension. When you purchase such a domain, we arrange a deal with the current owner and provision the domain to your account with no additional action necessary from you.

2. Registry premiums are often new domains that were selected as premium by the registry due to their potential for high value and popularity. In many cases registry premiums have special pricing not only for acquisition but also for renewal and transfer.

The distinction between these types of premium domains often becomes blurred, as registry premiums can easily be put for sale by their existing owners.

         What happens after the purchase?

When you purchase a premium domain with Namecheap, we will first try to register or transfer the domain of choice for you:

  • Registry premiums will be provisioned to your account right away.
  • Domains sold by existing owners may need some time to appear since a third party is involved. It usually takes 24-72 hours (in rare cases it may take more time) and we may require additional details before we proceed. We’ll check your transaction and get in touch if any additional information is required for a particular deal.

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