Acceptance criteria for new affiliates

Affiliate Membership is at the sole discretion of Namecheap. The factors that we consider are as follows:

Affiliates must have:

1. An active website. To be considered "Active", the website must have an established presence on the web as determined by organic search ranking, traffic to website, and/or industry reputation.
2. Aligned content. The website content must be aligned with our marketplace and target customers (i.e., domain, security, hosting, etc.).
3. Domain registration. The website must be directly registered via your own domain name and not via a 3rd-party vendor (i.e., Squarespace or Wordpress).
4. Marketing alignment. Marketing strategy and tactics that are aligned and complementary to Namecheap’s marketing efforts (i.e., social media, web content, advertising, email, loyalty programs, etc.)
5. Legal Compliance. Compliance with all US laws, all laws relevant to your home country, and the rules of our Affiliate Program Terms.

Affiliate Membership criteria is an ongoing obligation and membership may be reviewed and/or revoked at any time.
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