Impact Radius Transition FAQ

What is Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is an award-winning affiliate marketing platform that uses the latest technology to fully track your success. This system uses advanced tracking methods employing multiple resources to track and credit your sales. Such methods provide more accuracy than the basic cookie tracking used by most other affiliate platforms.

After joining the new program you will be able to use different features from the user interface. We will be providing insights on the best ways to get advantages of these options. Basically, with advanced tracking system you can get more knowledge about effective marketing and profits.

Is there a step-by-step guide for signing up for Impact Radius?

Here is the Step-by-step Guide that will be helpful during the Impact Radius transition.

Do I need to update links?

When you have transitioned to Impact Radius, you will need to replace the former links you were using for tracking with the new ones provided by Impact Radius. Please remember that data from the former platform will not be counted toward sales and commissions within the Impact Radius system.

Impact Radius provides links and banners. Your Affiliate ID is automatically attached to either of them, so you can easily replace your old advertising materials with these new ones. Once you have got the needed creatives, you can edit your old links on your website.

Where do I find new creative resources (banners and text links)?

New creatives can be found inside of your Impact Radius account:

-  To get a text link, log into your Impact Radius Dashboard > navigate to Ads section > Ads & Links > select the text link you like > click on the "Get code" button.
Banners are located in the Impact Radius Dashboard > navigate to Ads section > Ads & Links > select the banner you like > click on the "Get code" button.

Simply choose the creative resource you want and add it to your website.

Where can l find more info about the commission structure?

Such information can be found in the "What are the Namecheap commission rates?" article.

When is the current system closing?

We will be retiring our internal program some time later this year and will surely notify you in advance about the changes. Though, taking into account all the advanced features offered by Impact Radius, we highly recommend you to start using the new platform to take advantage of them all.

What happens to my commissions in the existing program?

Until Namecheap retires the current Affiliate program, nothing will be changed in the payment flow. However, after its closure, final payments will be issued as long as we have the necessary information to process the payment.

Please make sure you have filled in your current contact information, so when payments are scheduled, we can send correct information to the right place.

If l don’t transition to Impact Radius, can l still receive commissions from the old system?

Yes, we will be maintaining the existing internal program until the transition is fully completed, so you may continue using it until then. If you prefer using the existing program, you will be able to do it for a while.

Still, we recommend you moving to Impact Radius, so you can already get more resources to become a more effective affiliate and generate higher income.

What payment options are available in Impact Radius?

Impact Radius offers a number of payment methods to make getting paid easy, including PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and ACH Transfer.

Why do I need to provide my banking info?

Your banking information is needed while using the payment option of a direct bank wire transfer of your commissions.

Can I sign up for ShareaSale or Commission Junction instead of Impact Radius?

Yes, you can sign up for ShareaSale or Commission Junction. If you are already using those platforms, it may be beneficial from an aggregated payment perspective. Both of those systems allow you to combine for payout all of the commissions from the vendors for which you market.

This is also true if you are already a member of Impact Radius as the same combined payout is available.

How do I select the correct landing page?

Our standard banners and text links are linked to the corresponding Namecheap landing pages (e.g. Shared Hosting banner -> Shared hosting product page). However, you can review our site content at to see if there are alternative pages that may work better with your users and traffic. You can then create a custom affiliate link that will lead your referrals directly to any page you think will work for you.

How to create a direct link to a specific page at Namecheap?

Impact Radius has a "Create a Link" option on the homepage of your profile. Just paste in the destination URL (can be a specific product page) and the generator will populate a link with your unique tracking information embedded. Then, you can simply place the link on your website.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions for the Impact Radius affiliate program can be found here.

What if l have more questions?

You can reach out to the Namecheap Affiliate team via email at with any questions or concerns.

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