Free cPanel PositiveSSL certificate offer

One of Namecheap’s top priorities is providing modern and secure web solutions. In 2017, with cPanel version 11.62, began the free cPanel PositiveSSL certificate offer.

This cPanel version (and higher) requires all new domains, subdomains and addon domains to have an SSL certificate installed. If there is no SSL Certificate associated with newly added domains, cPanel will self sign SSL Certificate and install it.

Self signed certificates are not issued by Certificate Authorities, so they are not trusted by web browsers. Whoever tries to access the website via https:// will see this error message:


Instead of purchasing a trusted SSL Certificate, we are offering our customers the option to get it for free. This offer includes a free 1-year PositiveSSL for the primary domain of a new hosting account, and addon domains. This would usually cost $8.88.

Who is eligible for this offer?

The following customers can benefit from free 1-year PositiveSSL:

  • clients who have purchased a new hosting account with one of the Shared Hosting plans
  • clients who are adding new domain names (addon domains/subdomains) to their existing hosting account with Shared Hosting plan

What are offer restrictions?

  • this offer is only available for Shared hosting packages
  • you will get one SSL certificate for every unique domain name
  • it is possible to receive 50 free SSL certificates per one cPanel account


Q: I have just purchased Shared Hosting package with you. Am I eligible for this offer?

A: Absolutely yes. If you are a new customer with Shared Hosting package and have as the primary domain of your cPanel, you are getting your free 1-year PositiveSSL which can be activated for only.

You will see the following message in Namecheap SSL plugin:


Q: I’ve had a Shared Hosting package with you for some time. Am I eligible for this offer?

A: Yes, you are. Adding another domain via ‘Addon domains’ cPanel menu or subdomain via ‘Subdomain’ menu gives you free 1-year PositiveSSL which can be activated for that domain only.

Q: I have just purchased Shared Hosting package with you and already received my free 1-year PositiveSSL for my cPanel primary domain (e.g. Is it possible to receive one more for the subdomain (e.g.

A: Yes, this is absolutely possible. You will receive free 1-year PositiveSSL which can be activated for the subdomain as well.

Q: I have a domain added to the cPanel just before the beginning of the Promo, can I still get a free PositiveSSL certificate?

A: Yes, our SSL Support Team will gladly add the certificate to your account manually an exception per your request in Live Chat or Ticket.

When it is time to renew the certificate?

You will be able to purchase the renewal PositiveSSL with 50% off its regular price. Renewal SSL for 2 years can be obtained at a regular price.

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