1-year free cPanel PositiveSSL certificate offer

We provide up to 50 free 1-year SSL certificates along with Shared Hosting accounts.

When you buy a Shared Hosting plan, add an add-on domain or subdomain, we add a PositiveSSL certificate to your account. SSL is issued and installed automatically  for the added hostname. HTTPS Redirect is also set up automatically upon installation.

Who is eligible for this offer?

The following customers can benefit from free 1-year PositiveSSL:

  • Clients who have purchased a new hosting account with one of the Shared Hosting plans.
  • Clients who are adding new domain names (add-on domains or subdomains) to their existing Shared Hosting plan.

What are offer restrictions?

  • This offer is only available for Shared hosting packages.
  • You will get one SSL certificate for every unique hostname only once.
  • It is possible to receive up to 50 free SSL certificates per one cPanel account.
  • The offer is valid for the first year only. The renewals will be at the regular price.


Q: I have just purchased a Shared Hosting package with you. Am I eligible for this offer?
A: Absolutely yes. If you are a new customer with the Shared Hosting package and have example.net as the primary domain of your cPanel, you are getting your free 1-year PositiveSSL.

Q: What if I do not want to use the free SSL certificate?
A: You can disable HTTPS redirect in Namecheap SSL plugin in Installed via 'Namecheap SSL' tab or uninstall it.

Q: I’ve had a Shared Hosting package with you for some time. Am I eligible for this offer?
A: Yes, you are. Adding a new domain via Addon domains cPanel menu or subdomain via Subdomain menu gives you free 1-year PositiveSSL.

Q: I have a domain added to the cPanel and did not receive a free SSL for it, what should I do?
A: Please contact us in Live Chat or Ticket and our SSL Support Team will gladly add the certificate to your account.
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