.NYC domain registration requirements

The .NYC top-level domain provides an online hub for the purposes of connecting New Yorkers with each other and allowing NYC-based businesses to establish connections in the global marketplace. This is the perfect domain extension for anyone who owns a business in NYC, writes about it, or markets products relating to NYC.

Only New York City businesses and organizations with a NYC address and individuals with a primary residence in NYC are eligible to register a .NYC domain name.
A registrant of a .NYC domain must be either:

- an individual whose primary place of domicile is a valid physical address in the City of New York (“Nexus Category 1 - Individual”);
- an entity/organization/company that has a physical street address in the City of New York (“Nexus Category 2 - Organization”).
New York / NY should be indicated in the City and State/Province fields for both Individual and Organization Nexus Categories. Registrants are to provide a valid street address and the corresponding zip code both in the Registrant set of information as well as in the .NYC Extended Attributes section:

If the registrant is an organization, you also need to check the “I'm registering on behalf of a company” box and fill in the Company Name and Job Title fields:

TIP: You may also fill in extended attributes in advance or after domain registration so that they are used for all your future registrations. Please refer to the "What are the domain's extended attributes?" article to know how.

That's it!

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