.FR domain registration requirements

The .FR country code top-level domain name (ccTLD) is an extension representing France.
Any company or individual residing within the European Union as well as in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein can register a .FR domain.
The period of registration is one year only. It's possible to submit renewal orders for the .FR domains via the Namecheap account manually at any time, but it will be renewed not earlier than 30 days (but not later than 12 days) before the expiration date.
An .FR domain requires a number of extended attributes to be provided during registration:

  • If Companies having their head office in the territory of the European Union is selected for Registrant Type in the “.FR Extended Attributes” section (as it’s shown on the screenshot above), the registrant needs to provide one of the following extended attributes or a set of attributes:
- SIREN (Système d'Identification du Répertoire des Entreprises - 9 digits) or SIRET (Système d'Identification du Répertoire des Etablissements - 14 digits) number - for French companies with a SIREN or SIRET number

- EU Trademark number - for companies with a Trademark number

- DUNS number (Data Universal Numbering System - 8 digits) - for companies with a valid DUNS number issued by Dun & Bradstreet

- EEA Local Identifier (European Economic Area) - for companies with a local identifier specific to a country of the European Economic Area
In addition, if the domain is registered on behalf of a French association listed in the the Official Gazette of the French Republic, the following data is required as well:

1) Association declared on (in YYYY/MM/DD format)
2) Issue of the Gazette
3) Gazette published on (in YYYY/MM/DD format)
4) Page of the announcement
  • If Individual person responsible for the domain is selected in that section, the Organization and Job Title fields should be left blank in your Domain Contacts, and the following extended attributes are required:
- Date of birth (in the YYYY/MM/DD format)
- Country of birth
NOTE: If “France” is selected in the Country of birth field, the registrants should also provide the city of birth and zip/postal code:

TIP: You may also fill in extended attributes in advance or after domain registration so that they are used for all your future registrations. Please refer to the “What are a domain's extended attributes?” article to know how.

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