How can I order a WHMCS license?

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing and support solution for online businesses. This application allows you to automate different billing processes such as account provisioning (signup and termination), domain management, email reminders, etc.

You may order a WHMCS license along with our Reseller plans, VPS and dedicated servers.

Note: The license is not available for Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business packages (and old Value, Professional, Ultimate, Business SSD packages).

A WHMCS license can be ordered along with any package at once (the only exceptions are VPS plans). If you order a license during the signup, it will be activated automatically and you will receive the information about your license in the Welcome E-mail.

To order a WHMCS license for a VPS package or for any other package after the signup as well as to order additional licenses, you need to submit a ticket to our Billing team via the ticket system. Once your request is received, a prorated invoice for this service will be issued to you. When the invoice is settled, you will be provided with your WHMCS details.

Prices for WHMCS licenses with different plans are the following:

Reseller Nebula and Galaxy Expert | $8.00/mo (Starter License) | $11.00/mo (Plus License)

Reseller Universe Pro | $0.00/mo (Starter License) | $3.00/mo (Plus License)

VPS hosting plans | $8.00/mo (Starter License) | $11.00/mo (Plus License)

Dedicated Servers | $8.00/mo (Starter License) | $11.00/mo (Plus License)

Note: Per our policy, WHMCS licenses (Starter, Plus, Professional and Business ones) purchased at an additional fee are non-refundable.


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