How long do I need to wait for a refund?

Refunds to credit card

The time it takes for any refund to appear on your credit card comes down to whether or not the transaction in question has been settled.

Generally, there are two types of transactions related to transferring money back to a credit card: void and refund.

Refunds are always associated with settled transactions, while voids revoke the transfer of funds from your balance to the merchant account.

Whenever a credit card transaction is refunded within the first 24 hours after its initiation, it becomes a void.

Important: You will not see a separate refund transaction in case of a void as the refund is issued a short time after the original charge and before any funds are transferred from your bank to our payment processor.

Vice versa, if a transaction is refunded later than 24 hours after its initiation, the money removed from your credit card will be transferred back.

In both cases, the refund should appear in your bank account within the following 2-10 business days.

Please note that depending on a bank, it can take more time for a refund to show up on your credit card (up to 30 days). This information can be confirmed with your issuing bank only.

For your convenience, we can provide you with the refund confirmation. For this, please contact our Billing/Sales department via Live Chat or

It will help your credit card issuing bank to locate the corresponding transaction. If you face any issues locating the refund with the provided information, the bank representatives may need to escalate your case to a more technical team that is familiar with reference numbers/identifiers (ARN, STAN, etc.). It is necessary to mention that such a document can be sent only to the email address indicated as the primary for your account with Namecheap.

Refunds to PayPal

All refunds will be sent back to the payment method of your original payment.

If you paid with your:

  • Credit card: your refund will go to your credit card. It may take up to 30 days for the refund amount to appear on your card statement. If the card was canceled or you paid with a prepaid card, contact the card issuer to access your refund. The money will still be sent to this card account.
  • PayPal balance: your refund will go to your balance on the same day the refund was processed.

More information can be found in this article.

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