Unmetered Hosting Policy – Explained

What do we mean when talking about unmetered bandwidth, unmetered disk space and unlimited websites?
  • Unmetered bandwidth implies that we do not strictly limit traffic to your websites. Thus, you do not need to worry about hitting the bandwidth limit every time your websites get more popular.
  • Unmetered disk space means that you do not have to worry about the total size of files hosted on your account while creating additional websites to introduce yourself and your business on the Internet.
  • The unlimited websites option enables you to add as many new domains to your hosting account as you would like to have, without any limitation from our side.
With our shared hosting plans you will receive all the necessary resources for having a great online experience when developing and running a personal or small business website.

In some rare cases we might need to put constraints on accounts, if their resource usage is impacting overall server performance. Such an unfortunate situation might occur when a particular customer utilizes some shared hosting account to store, share or stream gigabytes of multimedia content, which is expressly prohibited on our shared servers.

What limits do you have?

To ensure the normal operation of the server and websites hosted there, we do require all customers to comply with our Acceptable Use Policy and utilize their disk space and bandwidth for fair web-developing purposes.
That is why we have limits applicable for CPU, Memory Usage, Entry Processes and amount of inodes.

We do understand that sometimes things might get hot and the regular smooth load on your websites unexpectedly increases. To ensure your websites are operating normally during such peaks, we have additional resources allocated to provide burst allowances for all shared hosting accounts.

You can find the detailed information on the limits in our Acceptable Use Policy – Server Resource Provision section.

For your convenience we provide a fast and easy way to check your account resource usage and resource usage history in cPanel > Resource Usage menu.

Rest assured that the limits were set not to cut options for development and maintaining, but to protect each account from a possible negative impact of abusive activities on shared servers.

What happens if my account exceeds resources?

If you are managing a personal or small business blog it is unlikely that you will run into resource usage issues.

In case an undesirable activity takes place on our shared server, our team will contact the owner of the hosting account providing details of the issue and suggesting possible ways to resolve it.

If for some reason your hosting account needs more resources, you can upgrade it to the next available plan anytime. You are welcome to check our hosting packages here. All upgrades are provided on a pro-rated basis.

Before upgrading your account we recommend contacting our Support Team so that we can suggest the best upgrade option for you and provide some comprehensive information on the matter.
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