How to set up email signature in cPanel webmail

You can create HTML-formatted email signature in your cPanel account using the Roundcube web-interface.

cPanel webmail can be accessed by these links:

  • (replace serverXX with the actual server name your cPanel account is hosted on)

If you have not created your email account yet, check this guide.


1. After logging into Roundcube webmail interface, click on Settings at the left side of the screen:

2. Once you are in Settings menu, click on Identities option:

3. Then select the needed Identity (email address you would like to set up signature for):

4. You will see Standard Signature Box, where you can create a simple text email signature. If you wish to use HTML, click the HTML signature icon:

In HTML signature interface you will be able to add images, links or HTML code.

5. Once your signature is created, do not forget to click on Save:

NOTE:The image only appears in the signature if you use the HTML editor to compose messages. To compose all messages with HTML in Roundcube, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings » Preferences » Composing Messages.

2. Under the Main Options setting, in the Compose HTML messages menu, select always.

3. Click Save.

That's it!

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