How to install Softaculous on a VPS/Dedicated server with cPanel/WHM

Installation Requirements

Before installing Softaculous make sure that ionCube Loaders are enabled. In order to install Softaculous on a VPS or a dedicated server with cPanel, you will need to perform the steps listed below:

1. Log into your WHM (as a root user).

2. Go to Server Configuration (1), click Tweak Settings (2) and navigate to the PHP tab (3). Select ioncube (4) for cPanel PHP Loader:

3. Click on the Save button below.

NOTE: This will enable Ioncube for you in the third-party PHP binary.

4. If you have a firewall, access to download packages from * should be allowed. The following domains should be whitelisted in your firewall as these are the mirrors used to download the script packages: (IP : (IP : (IP : (IP : (IP :

Installing Softaculous

1. Log into your server via SSH and run the following commands one by one:

wget -N

2. Once the installation file is downloaded, proceed with the following commands:

chmod 755


3. Wait until the Softaculous installation is completed. The following congratulation message should appear in your command line:

4. Now go back to your WHM, navigate to the Plugins menu and click on the Softaculous - Instant Installs menu:

5. The following page will open if the installation is successful:

suPHP Settings

If suPHP is enabled on your server, the following adjustments should be applied so that Softaculous sets the correct permissions for writable files and folders:

1. Navigate to the Settings menu in Softaculous:

2. Edit CHMOD Files to 0644 and CHMOD Directories to 0755.

The installation of Softaculous on the suPHP server is completed.

That's it!

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