HTTP to HTTPS redirection on IIS

After an SSL certificate is installed, a secure connection (https://) is not forced by default, and a website remains accessible via regular insecure http:// bypassing SSL/TLS protocols. It means that a website visitor may send sensitive data over an unencrypted channel unless he/she explicitly specifies https:// as a protocol he/she would like to use for connection.

Thanks to HTTP to HTTPS redirection, a visitor requesting to initiate an unencrypted (http://) session will be automatically redirected to an encrypted one (https://) secured by SSL/TLS protocol.

Follow the below steps to enable the automated redirect from http:// to https:// on IIS server with the help of IIS manager and URL Rewrite module.

  1. Install the URL Rewrite module .
  2. Re-open (if opened) IIS Manager and select the website you would like to apply the redirection to in the left-side menu.
  3. Double-click on the URL Rewrite icon.


  4. Click Add Rule on the right-side menu.
  5. Select Blank Rule > OK.
  6. Enter the rule name of your choice.
  7. In the Match URL section:
    • select Matches the Pattern in the Requested URL drop-down menu;
    • select Regular Expressions in the Using drop-down menu;
    • enter the following pattern in the Match URL section: (.*);
    • check the box Ignore case.


  8. In the Conditions section select Match all in the Logical Grouping drop-down menu and click Add.
  9. In the prompted window:
    • enter {HTTPS} as a condition input;
    • select Matches the Pattern from the drop-down menu;
    • enter ^OFF$ as a pattern;
    • Click OK.


  10. In the Action section select Redirect as an action type and specify the following for Redirect URL:



  11. Check the box Append query string.

    OPTION 2: Else, you can specify the Redirect Rule as "https://{HTTP_HOST}{REQUEST_URI}" and un-check the Append query string box. The Action type is also to be set as Redirect.

  12. Select a Redirection Type of your choice.
  13. Click on Apply on the right side of the Actions Menu.
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