How to create vacation notice in Namecheap Private Email webmail

In this article you will find to create automatic vacation notice or 'out of office' email response in your Private Email account.

In order to set up a Vacation notice, log in your Webmail >> click on the user icon in the top right corner >> Settings (1). Then click on the Mail menu (2) and click on Vacation notice (3):

Once there, you can specify a subject of email, text of notification message and other important options. Click on the toggle in front of the Vacation notice to enable it. In the Show advanced options menu you can specify the following options:

1. Days between notices to the same sender - this option may come in handy when you are getting a lot of emails from the same email addresses and don’t want them getting the same notification everyday.
2. Send from - the vacation notice will be sent if messages are reaching your primary email address. The vacation notice is entered as E-Mail filter. You can also edit the vacation notice in the Filter Rules menu .

If you know how long exactly should autoresponder work you can specify start and end date as well by clicking on Send vacation notice during this time only. Click Apply changes to save the vacation notice:

NOTE: Make sure to specify your First and Last name in My contact data menu instead of email address set by default. Otherwise, you will most likely get an error when setting up your vacation notice.

That's it!

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