Why an EV certificate is better for an ecommerce website than a Domain Validation one?

Domain validated certificates only verify a domain’s ownership and are not recommended for web sites with online trade and e-commerce transactions.

Being a registered Company it’s better for you to enable a secure connection to your website with an Extended Validated Certificate. In this case you will have plenty of advantages that will attract customers. The most significant of them is the Company name and contact details displayed in the browser Certificate Details to end users.

As for Site Seals, there are mostly static Site Seals (graphic image) available for Domain validated certificates and only some of them come with dynamic ones. Extended Validation certificates allow you to install a dynamic Site Seal which will show Company information, such as domain name, company name, address, city, state and country. For your visitors that will mean that your Company is fully authenticated and validated by a Certificate Authority.

While Domain validated and Organization validated certificates will provide you only with Low and Medium Assurance and Warranty equaling from $10 000 to $250 000, EV Certificates will give you Very High assurance and $1 500 000 warranty..

Very High assurance available with EV certificates is an important tool for preventing phishing and online fraud because of additional validation steps that you need to take before such a certificate can be issued.

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