Are your certificates private or shared? What is the difference?

We want to pay your attention to the fact that all the Certificates we provide are Private SSL Certificates. By the time you finish reading this article, the difference will become clearer to you.

Private SSL Certificates are recommended for the e-commerce web sites, when customers of yours need to give out such information as credit card details, account usernames and passwords and any other sensitive information that should be secured to prevent eavesdropping. Private SSL certificates are issued exactly for your domain name and after the installation they will not cause any browser warnings. Installation of these certificates requires a Dedicated IP address assigned to the domain name you have the Certificate issued for if SNI technology is not available on your server.

These are the main cases of use of a Shared certificate:

  • The main purpose of Shared Certificates is to secure email traffic between the server and your email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, etc). You will specify the server name of the Hosting Company as incoming/outgoing servers.
  • Some Hosting Companies offer secure connection for the admin area of your website with the Shared certificate. You will have to secure the URL like , but it will not cover your website itself and this certificate will not allow you having a secure login to the control panel using your own domain name.
  • While a shared certificate does not require a dedicated IP, it can not serve for your personal needs.

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